Instructional Staff of The Year 2021-22

Congratulations Ms. Schlarb !! You Are Truely an asset to BWCS !!

Welcome to Our Facilities Department...

As we move towards the start of New School Replacement project being funded by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), it is getting very exciting for our community and the children of our school. From what I know at this time, the modular units will be re-located starting in the month of June 2019 to make the room for new construction. I understand while the construction kicks in, it will be a little inconvenient for parents and school visitors, however the Facilities department and administration wants to keep thh safety factors of our children and employees at the forefront. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact me via school phone at: (520)215-5859 and via email at: Michael.Britt@bwcs.k12.az.us.

Thanks for your patience as we make it better for our children.

Michael Britt (Facilities Supervisor)

Blackwater Community School

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Support Staff of the Year 2021-22

Congratulations Ms. Macias-We are Blessed to have you !!

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