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School Calendar SY 2017-18 (pdf)
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:Students Enterance
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:Principal Mr. Sharma-Welcoming
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:GRIC Hon'ble Gov. Lewis-Addressing
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:GRIC Lt. Gov. M Antone-Addressing
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:Students Celebrating
McKinney-Vento Program Can Help Our Parents and Students-Learn More

Laptop Winner: Family Literacy Night-Aug. 31st, 2017

"Committed & Caring Staff"

Blackwater Community School hosts "Family Literacy Nights" frequently (once a month) to enhance not oly the Parental Involvement but also we are relentlessly pursuing to help increase the Literacy among our community, we serve. We have been getting very positive response from the parents and guardians for which we are very grateful and appreciative. Our next "Family Literacy" event is scheduled on September 7th, 2017 from 5:30pm till 7:00pm for NYCP Grant based preschool. We also distribute Reading books free of cost for children during these events.

Certified Staff and Grade Level Assignments...



Certified Staff: BWCS-AKIMEL
Employee Name Grade Level/Dept. Employee Name Grade Level/Dept.
Gwendolyn Paul FACE (Preschool)- John Fullen FACE Program Adult-Ed
Elizabeth Williams NYCP Preschool- Jack Ball Physical Ed Teacher
Stacey Kalman QF/FTF Preschool- Matilda Pratt Langauge & Culture
Heather Romm Kinder-A William Fox Tech Teacher
Jennifer Carpenter Kinder-B Mayumi Ysaguirre Math Interventionist
Noreen Lasiloo Kinder-C Lesa Nuccio Reading Interventionist
Tadashi Harvey Kinder-D Cari Missan Special Ed Teacher
Baely Lofink (LTS) Kinder-E Linda LeVan Special Ed Teacher
Sonia Turner First Grade-A Richard Hull Special Ed Coordinator
Jennice Harvey First Grade-B Melissa Dobbins Instructional Coach (K-5)
Dorinda Manning First Grade-C    
Zeyna Pruzhanovsky First Grade-D    
Richard Moody Second Grade-B Jagdish Sharma Principal
Alexander Urquijo Second Grade-C Misty Lopez Assistant Principal
Tauna James Third Grade-A    
Richard Romm Third Grade-B    
Vanessa Murphy Third Grade-C    
Philomena Casbarro Fourth Grade-A    
Jenny Miller Fourth Grade-B    
Lance Reyna Fourth Grade-C    
Nathan Powell Fifth Grade-A    
Stephen Murphy Fifth Grade-B    
Stephen Sims Fifth Grade-C    

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